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Thursday, February 13, 2020

SI Summer Academy for Young Professionals (SAYP) Western Balkans

(kliko per te pare oferten)
kliko per tu bere fan


You can apply if you are:
Citizen of and currently working in one of the selected countries
Have good command of English language
Have a relevant higher education (at least three years)
35 years or younger (born 1985- )
Employed in one of the following groups:
1. Policymakers (politicians, government officials, employees of political parties)
2. Public servants (non-political civil servants working at government agencies)
3. Civil society workers (CSO/NGO employees)

SAYP will give you:

Opportunity to develop your professional skills
Tools to apply in your own organisations and local contexts
Knowledge within sustainable modern governance
Experience of cross-sectorial work environment
Personal and professional network
Lifelong membership in the SI Alumni Network
Exclusive access to Peer Shadowing and other tools for continued learning

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