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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

U.S. Embassy - GARDENER - Tirana

(kliko per te pare oferten)
kliko per tu bere fan

CLOSING DATE: February 02, 2018

1. EDUCATION: Completion of the elementary school is required.
2. EXPERIENCE: Minimum of one year gardening experience is required.
3. POST ENTRY TRAINIG:On-the-job training operation of motorized equipment.
4. LANGUAGE: Level 1 (rudimentary knowledge) spoken English (able to understand basic oral instructions from supervisor) is required. Level 2 (limited knowledge) of Albanian is required.
5. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES: Good practical knowledge of seeds, flowers, trees, use of fertilizers and disinfectants. General knowledge of trades tools and equipment and their safe use. Ability to use lawn mowing machines, mechanical for trimming trees and hedges and other gardening tools. Must be able to perform basic unskilled maintenance duties in one or two trades, and use required tools.

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