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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Intelligent Transport Systems Expert - Albania

(kliko per te pare oferten)
kliko per tu bere fan

Expires 08/06/2017

Requirements for the role are: 
• University or advanced degree in transport engineering, transport economics and institutional/legal matters and ICT or other relevant field for the Transport
• Theoretical knowledge and practical experience in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS, ERTMS, VTMIS, RIS etc)
• Theoretical knowledge and practical experience in transport economics
• Theoretical knowledge and practical experience in infrastructure issues, transport market research, EU IT legislation
• Minimum of 10 years of relevant work experience for senior expert
• Proven track record of successful projects (no stopped projects by the beneficiaries in the last 5 years).
• Analytical skills and ability to conceptualise and write concisely and clearly
• Experience in working with indicators and statistical data, preparing reporting tables and charts, market research, etc.
• Communication and presentation skills and ability to work in an environment requiring liaison and collaboration with multiple actors including government representatives, businesses, operators, trade unions, civil society institutions, donors and other stakeholders.

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